10 reasons cloth nappies are better all round.

It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of using Cloth Nappies. But sometimes when people ask me why I love them, other than reducing landfill I find it hard to express why exactly. Yet when I talk to other cloth nappy user we all say the same. “It’s addictive and we all become super fans”.

I guess it because once you start and get over the humps that can come with anything it just becomes part of everyday life, except you feel your doing your bit and taking responsibility for a huge amount of waste your family can produce.

This got me thinking. I may have busted some of the age old myths in my previous nappy post here but just because something isn’t bad like you thought it might be doesn’t make it good. So here’s a new post on why (in my opinion of course) switching to reusables is good all round.

1. Buying them is super fun.

You may call me a geek. I am in many ways. But talk to any Cloth Bum Mum and they will tell you, getting fluffy mail is super exciting. Especially when you pregnant. Their all so super soft and pretty. Getting them all washed, folded and sorted is a satisfying job if there ever was one.

2. Better for the environment.

More satisfying talk. Because when you see your bin not filling up on a weekly basis you feel a sense of achievement. Over a year in to using cloth nappies and that still isn’t lost on me.

8 million single use nappies are thrown away in the UK EVERYDAY!!! That’s a number we need to tackle. It’s not for everyone and that’s okay but for those that are willing and able we can make a real differnce.

3. Their better for baby.

When your a new Mum you worry about everything. And I’m know I’m not the only one that has worried about the extra bulk that comes with using cloth.

I remember when Reeva was a tiny newborn wearing a fluffy fitted Little Lamb night nappy it seemed so huge on her. I worried the etc bulk was stopping her lie 100% flat and that this could some how effect her spine? I took to the lovely Cloth Nappy UK Facebook group for advice and was pointed in the direction of the right research to prove this was just my imagination. She of course now has a beautifully strong, straight back.

In fact during that research I found that the slight lift of the bottom and the bulk between their leg actually aids health hip development. Doctors and physios alike love a big bulky nappy to help this and they can even help treat “clicky hips”. The Nappy Lady explains this well.

4. Their going to save you a TON.

Pun intended, they will save you a ton or 12. Depending on how long you use them, how many children you use them for and which brand you go for, the average saving for each child over the course of their nappy wearing life could be 600 to 1000 pounds. Not bad ey?

Of course it feels expensive at first because your buying them all at once rather than spreading cost over 2 plus years, but there’s no reason you still can’t spread that cost. I brought a few a month when I was pregnant to start us off and then more as I figured out what worked for us, plus my Mum brought some as many new Grandparents like to help out with new baby cost. And don’t forgot to see if your local council has a scheme to help you too. You can find out here!

5. You may well potty train early.

Disposable single use nappies are designed to artificially keep baby feeling bone dry. When you use cloth, although a fleece lining will help keep baby dry, once the nappy is full babies will feel more wet, meaning they often learn to distinguish that wet feeling and wanting to be changed or use the potty sooner. Meaning on average cloth wearing babies will be out of nappies sooner than there single use peers.

6. You’ll use less water… I promise.

It’s the age old debate that I’ve touched on over and over. Yes you will use your washing machine more. No it doesn’t mean you’ll use more water than a disposable nappy. Because its one of those out of sight, out of mind things. You’ll see your using more water when your washing it yourself but you don’t see the amount of water that goes into the production of single use products. It’s why I wrote the post ” Why we need to forget eco-friendly alternatives.” Because even if Eco-friendly disposables like nappies and wipes did break down magically in landfill (which they don’t by the why) they still need to be made, out of cotton or wood, they still use water in production and they still need to be transported, to be used for a matter of hours, minutes or even seconds.

In fact if we went with the belief that disposing rather than washing used less water we should all be wearing disposable underwear too. Or all disposable clothes for that matter. Disposable plates and cutlery for dinner too. It doesn’t make sense when you think about it like that does it?

7. Join a wonderful community.

Unfortunately I don’t know many cloth nappy Mums in the real world, but when I need advice or just a chat there’s a wonderful community online. Facebook groups like Cloth Nappies UK have many times been my saviour and I now try to return the favour by being a shoulder to lean on or offer advice to new mums or new nappy users.

8. Avoid the chemicals.

There is much debate out there on the effects all the chemicals in plastics and artificial products we use. We can’t really be sure of their effects until, well until it all goes wrong, or nothing happens at all. All I know is nature’s managed just fine for years and the more we introduce to our planet and to our lives the more things go wrong. Not forgetting we’ve done a lot right too, in the case of medicine/vaccines/modern day luxuries. This one therefore is all done to you and your own feelings on the matter. My feelings are, if we don’t NEED it, do what you can to do without it.

9. It will make you the queen of clean.

Who knew there was so much more to washing. I’ve written a post to help you washing those nappies into the most sparkling white of whites and an added bonus that the rest of your washing and washing machine suddenly become the cleanest in town too. Find the magic recipe here.

10. Your setting them up for life.

It may just be a nappy that they have no idea the difference between right now, but what your doing is planting a seed in their tiny brains, telling them that we are taking responsibility for our own waste, we care about our planet and our home, and maybe just maybe they will grow up to be the Eco-warriors of the next generation. Because let’s face it we’re going to need them.

I hope and pray that they will grow up in the world where this is normal, where a circular economy is standard. But if by awful chance my hopes aren’t realised and one day my daughter asks me what I was doing when we still had the time to fix this, I’ll be able to tell her I tried and I did my best.

Hannah xx