Finding the Perfect Zero Waste Fathers Day Gift.

Dads… their the hardest to buy gifts for aren’t they? Ask my Dad if there’s anything he might like and he replies, “don’t worry about me, save your money”. I think many of you will relate to the ‘last minute buying something for the sake of it present’. So I decided to put together a list of the most useful, plastic free goodies I think all Dads will appreciate for those of you stuck on what to get this Fathers Day.

1. A Safety Razor.

These may well make your Dad feel bit nostalgic as it’s probably a similar style to the razor his Dad owned and taught him to shave with. Their great because they are made from stainless steel so are fully recyclable, as are the blades that go in them. The razor is a little more expensive than your standard one from the supermarket but the replacement blades works out at about 10 pence each. They also look great in the bathroom and come in some great designs. Plastic freedom‘s ones have lovely handles and do them as gift sets.

2. A Shaving Bar and Brush.

Help Dad rid the planet of all those shaving bottles with a lovely moisturising bar to shave with and a nice brush to use with it.

Go one step further and get a stand that displays it all the nicely in the bathroom. Better yet suggest this to a sibling if their stuck.

3. Shampoo Bar.

Men often find making the switch to a shampoo bar easier than women because unlike traditional shampoo they don’t give you that just washed fluffy look and therefore it’s easier for them to style. Lush do a coconut and an Argan oil shampoo bar that I find are more manly scents (if that’s their preference). You can also buy the stainless stain containers for them which make them feel like a nice gift.

4. Bamboo Coffee Cup or Flask.

If your Dad does lots of driving or travelling this is the present for him. My Dad recently started doing a lot of driving for his job and making sure he has his flask of coffee for the journey helps the early mornings and stops him from having to stop at a service station all the time, which also means he doesn’t rant over the price of a cup of coffee… or is that just my Dad?

5. A Reusable Water Bottle.

My partner is great when it comes to organising the kids. He always remembers snacks for them, coats, walking boats, scooters, etc etc. But when we get out and he’s quickly asking if I’ve got any water or then looking for somewhere to buy water. Buy them a really nice water bottle and hopefully it will help them remember to bring it with them.

6. A Paper Lunch Bag.

This isn’t as terrible a present as it sounds. I’ve recently seen lots of paper based bags coming into shops. They are super durable, roll up and can be carried easily, great for men that don’t take bags with them to work. These ones from Urban Gifts are insulated and look retro.

7. Handkerchiefs.

Go super old school with a personal touch. Last year I brought my brother a set of handkerchiefs for his birthday with his initials embroidered in the corner. I got them from Not on the High Street and I must say I thought I did very well with the thoughtful gift.

8. A Bamboo Phone Case.

There are some super great small businesses on Etsy selling sustainable products such as phone cases. When I recently ordered one the company stated they source sustainable rubber, recycled products and sustainable bamboo to make them, and also promised plastic free packaging. If there is no mention of packaging it doesn’t hurt to message them and request it plastic free. More often than not people are very obliging.

9. A Metal Tankard.

We recently went to a out door Beer Festival where they unfortunately used plastic cups. I saw a few people with Metal Tankards for their beers, and I thought these were great for any outdoor event, or even taking to a picnic. Much nicer to drink out of than plastic.

10. Tickets.

Better yet get him tickets to go to a local Beer Festival, there’s not many Dads that don’t like a few beers. Days out are a great pressie in my opinion because it something to look forward to. My Mum has done some great ones for Dad in recent years, including a wine tasting day and a few concerts.

I’d love to know if this has given you inspiration, so tag me with your presents if it has, but remember to wrap them sustainably. Reuse the brown paper it may have been posted with or some old newspapers, tie with string saved from something else or ribbon you have lying around, you’ll be surprised at how great it looks.

Hannah xx