Why going zero waste is good for the soul… and your clutter

Less stuff… I don’t know about anyone else but decluttering my home always seemed like a constant battle. It still is sometimes, the only thing I haven’t enjoyed about having a baby is the amount I’ve had to re- organise her drawers. It seems like once a month she grows out of clothes and I have to find somewhere to store said clothes, although I do very much enjoy then doing my “shopping” which involves pulling out the next bag of hand me downs we have been given and marvelling at the new pretty things she has to wear. But having a newly less cluttered home makes this so much easier and less stressful. And here’s how I did it….. I went Zero Waste.

Ok my cupboards are still no where near perfect, I still live with an incredibly tidy, clean man who believes if he can’t see it it’s not a problem so hides anything he comes across in the first draw he finds, but its defiantly becoming easier and easier the less we buy, and that’s with a baby in tow.

I get an amazing sense of satisfaction when I walk into the bathroom and it looks clear. There’s not hundreds of products falling off the side of the bath anymore and when I open the bathroom cabinet I can see everything we need and use so clearly and it brings a little smile to my face. (I know I’ve turned into that domestic queen I never thought I’d be… not sure if that’s good or bad?). We also know where it is when we need something… most of the time.

I’m certainly not advocating running into your bathroom right not and throwing away all the things you don’t use and replacing them with one eco, plastic free alternatives because that would negate the idea of less waste, but have a little look and see what you could use up, even the bubble bath your not that keen on, could you just use it up before you buy something new? Or give it to someone that will use it? There’s tons of recycling programs out that will take toiletries you don’t use and donate them to Women’s shelters and different food banks. If your in Eastbourne Meads food bank and looking for them. If your else where in the country see if there’s a Toiletries Amnesty near you.

Then we come to your wardrobe. I’ve spoken about “Fast Fashion” in a previous post so for this reason again I’m not going to tell you to get rid of everything because there are times in life we come back to older clothes and older fashions. At Uni we used to go out in my flat mates Mums clothes from the 80’s all the time, I was so in love with a crocodile skin bag she let my flat mate have and always borrowed it. I too am now re-wearing clothes post baby that I haven’t worn since Uni, maybe it’s a very early midlife crisis? But who new having a baby would put me in the best shape I’ve probably ever been in? (A story for another day). But the ethos of going back to clothes you have previously forgotten about has stopped me going on a spending spree in Primark to re-fill my wardrobe with new, something I would have done previously.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have my eye on some treats. I would love a few things from Lucy and Yak. This company have amazing ethics and I have my eye of some dungarees and some trousers so as I have a birthday coming up perhaps I’ll drop some hints, or maybe I’ll just treat myself as let’s face it I would have spent money of a ton of cheap things, so a couple of really decent items that are going to last and be treasured is fine right? I can justify that, sure I can?

And that’s the point, the less we buy the more we treasure the things we have and the things we treat ourselves to from time to time. Things that I brought just because they were on sale or just because I sort of liked the colour end up screwed up at the back of my wardrobe forgotten about and looking a bit sad. And that’s when you look in your messy wardrobe and feel a bit depressed that you have nothing to wear and it all looks about sour. Que another pointless shopping spree and the cycle of negativity continues.

So here’s what I’ve been doing. Once a week I’m setting aside half an hour or so and finding one corner of the house that needs sorting. Under the bed, my wardrobe, the bathroom cabinet, kids drawers, kids toys, games cupboard, kitchen cupboards and just having a little inventory. Seeing what we’ve got, what could be put to better use with someone else, what can be used up and then thinking of a more eco-friendly products I could replace them with IF necessary. And it’s amazing the things I’ve found, and how much more clear and cleaner the house feels. And that my lovelies is amazing for the soul….